Saturday, 30 July 2016

Monsoon ride to Chikmagalur,BaBa BuddanGiri and Agumbe


This is my first post in my first blog! Before I start my first blog, Let me tell why I felt like blogging. Blogs are very much helpful for the travellers. Especially Solo travellers like me. I used to read many blogs and gained some quiet good experience in travelling. So I though of making a blog of mine and present my travelling experience to others. Please follow my blog to know more on travel destinations and weekend gateways.

The plan started by one of my friend (Amogh Kudalkar). He told me that he has not visited Mulliangiri peak, which is the highest peak in Karnataka.I have visited that place multiple place. That mesmerising beauty of nature made me to plan again with him. He called me a day before we begin for chikmagalur. 

He called me and said "Me and my 4 friends are coming, Make a best plan for 2 days". And now the responsibility of planning the trip shifted to me. After informing everyone there were 5 riders and a pillion rider. So 5 bikes, 6 travellers. 3 days! 

Bikes on tour:

1 Royal Enfield classic 500
2 Royal Enfield 350
1 Honda CBR 150
1 Yamaha R15

Five beasts in NH4

We decided to leave on Sunday afternoon from Bangalore to Hassan. But finally we left @5:00pm  and reached Hassan @8:30pm with a casual ride and giving 3 tea breaks on the way.
Hassan- Bangalore distance is 180 kms.  Went the the chat street in Hassan which is near to the high school field. After having some chats we started making the plan for next day. Decided to leave by 5:00AM to Chikmagalur which is 61kms via Beluru. We stayed in a hotel and that is the end of the day. 

Day 2: 

As scheduled we started @ 5:00 AM as we were very much eager to enjoy the early morning beauty of Mulliangiri Peak! With casual speed of around 60kmph we reached chikmagalur at 7:10AM. We had breakfast in some hotel which is in the main road.  With out making much delay we started to Mulliangiri peak @ 7:45.  
Pilot view from Cockpit!
Mulliangiri peak
Our gang!
Once we reached the checkpost which is in the base of Mulliangiri hill, we are made to pay the entrance fees which is 10Rs per bike. Reached parking space in the peak. Spent some good quality time in photoshoots and selfies. Climbed to the peak,visited temple. Then we got to know that there is a cave near to that and the that locallite helped us to locate the cave. After visiting the cave, we started descend.
Pic of our team in the peak :) 

Photoshoot near Mulliangiri peak.
We decided to go to Baba Budangiri. Located in the Chikkamagaluru District of Karnataka, Baba Budangiri is known for its shrine to theSufi saint Hazrat Dada Hayat Khalandar, a pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Muslims. It is around 27kms far from Mulliangiri peak.  The roads are pretty good. Some 2-3kms stretch is little muddy. Out of we 6,2 were muslims and 4 were hindus. So it made perfect sense to visit  the temple this time. It was almost mid day we came back to our bikes after visiting the place.We all were very hungry! But there was no good hotels. We found some good store where bread omlet was made. We all had bread omlet and left to Kallathigiri falls.

Yummy Bread omlet on the way!

photoshoot in some private estate 

Dodmane yummy dinner.

We reached Agumbe by around 8pm. It was dark, drizzling and made our journey little slow. As the traffic was little high we travelled in a consistent speed of 60kmph. We had informed Doddmane that we 6 would be staying that night. So they had prepared awesome food for all of us. We all were tired as we played in water for some time and covered 330 kms. Took rest that night and that is the end of day2

Day 3:
Ride Enfield, Stay Royal!
Pilot view in Chickmagalur Mountains
Woke up @6:00 AM. Got ready and I alone went on a walk. Full foggy. little drizzling and chilled weather. Great time for a walk. Came back @ 7:30. Still all of my friend were sleeping. With all difficulty I made them to get up and finally we got ready. A great yummy breakfast was ready for us. After eating stomach full of breakfast, thanking Kasturakka for the great hospitality, We started our journey back to Bangalore via Sringeri.  With lots of photoshoots and breaks we reached Sringeri at around 11:00AM. Filled fuel for our next journey. With some tea break, we left. 
Ready to head back to Bangalore, View of Doddmane
Queue for refilling petrol in sringeri
A click :)
Pilot view 

On the way,After 88kms from Agumbe,there is a decent water falls called "Shankar Falls".No deviation from the main road. But have to walk for half a kilometre to reach to the water fall. By that time one of our friend who was in R15 was already fed up with our consistent speed and ripped.(By the time we reach Chikmagalur,he was almost near to Bangalore).

We rode back with the consistent speed of 80kmph, had lunch in some restaurant after crossing Chikmagalur. Reached hassan at 5:00pm.  As I had to stay back in hassan rest of my friends continued their journey to Bangalore. As there was heavy rains everyone reached their places by 10pm. 

Route Details:

Bangalore-Hassan:180kms: Nh4 Toll road [ Toll exemption for bikes]
Hassan-Belur-Chikmagalur: 73kms A nice double road,Easy to ride. Must be careful as there are many dividers without any reflector.
Chickmagalore -> Mulliangiri: 21 kms. A very good route with beautiful scenic beauty. 
Mulliangiri -> Baba Budangiri: 26 kms. Not very good. Little muddy.
Baba Budangiri -> Kaimara -> Lingadahalli -> Kallathigirii falls: 70 kms. a very good single tar road, easy to ride,drive.
Kallathigiri falls -> Bhadravathi ->Mandagadde -> Teerthalli -> Agumbe 138 kms,Decent stretch.
Agumbe -> Sringeri 29kms with a little curves. 
Sringeri -> Hassan 150 kms. SH27 A very good double road with out divider.

Total travel distance: Around 900kms 
Chikmagalur is one of the most beautiful places and it is worth to visit round the year. Even though I had been to al these places multiple times, This trip gave me a pleasure of riding in rains,mist and cold weather. It was fun riding with these friends.  Looking for another trip soon.

For any more queries regarding stay or route details, please feel free to comment  and also drop your suggestions in the comment section.